About Us

A ceaseless desire for change of place, a very tortuous sensation

Russia Experience Italy is born in 2011 from the desire of two young entrepreneurs to create a reality blending their knowledge of Italy with their passion for Russia. Our aim is to enhance the richness of Italian culture by providing our clients with carefully selected qualified professionals and a modern, nimble and flexible infrastructure.

We would like to create a symbolic bond so as to develop tight cultural and economical connections between two worlds which are far from each other only geographically. By closely observing Russia and Italy, we are able to analyze their differences and similarities thus finding a meeting point. The differences become reason for bonding, providing enriching opportunities and finding a common denominator: knowledge and sharing.

Russia Experience Italy is a Company which speaks your language, based on business transparency and aiming to reach specific goals. As the success of a company is in its capacity to build long-lasting relationships, we are specialized in a broad range of consulting services – specifically for Russian clients – which we are confident will be well received.

The Company is constructed as one close-knit unit and a network of collaborators able to deal with and fulfill all of our client's requests, even the most sophisticated. A team of consulting experts, polite and professional, who is able to answer to the many different necessities that individuals encounter when travelling to Italy for business or pleasure.

Originality in planning services and and up-to-date technique is what distinguishes us, as well as making use of highly qualified staff. Our specialists have all, infact, gained their expertise in different international fields. People are the most valued resource in our Company: our staff is made of professionals who have extensive experience in communication, marketing, sales, management and much more. We would like to provide you with the creativity characteristic to Italian talent and lifestyle, so as to meet your requirements gracefully and pleasantness.

We have approached our clientele with four distinguished business units:

  • Events & Leisure
  • Assistance & Comfort
  • Business & Partnership
  • Luxury & Lifestyle

We offer our services with the aim to reach tangible and measurable results.

The year 2011 will be the Year of Russian Culture in Italy and Italian Culture in Russia. A unique opportunity to strengthen the tie that each year both Nations build together.

Our Goal: to have you completely satisfied in your choice of visiting Italy and allowing you to enjoy the country as true Italians, sure in the knowledge that you will return to Russia feeling that Italy is a second home to you... Russia Experience Italy!