Business & Partnership

One must not chase money, but go towards it

We believe that it is essential to create strong financial and structural bonds to face  future challenges together and grow side by side.
In order to provide you with thorough and complete assistance, we have built solid connections with the top specialist in different areas, guaranteeing professionalism and expertise.
A diffused network, in collaboration with several Professionals and external Partnerships, guarantees our clients an all-around consultancy.
We are thus able to provide assistance in several different fields:

  • Trade
  • Banking
  • Tax and Revenue
  • Project Finance
  • Marketing and Trade Campaigns
  • Scouting & Matching for International Partnerships
  • Real Estate
  • Interior Design
  • Business meetings
  • Market Research
  • Translation and Interpreters
  • Office rentals with secretaries
  • Show room planning
  • PR and Marketing for Russian Companies in Italy and Italian Companies in Russia
  • Labour Law
  • Trade missions